He was born into a musical family and as a preteen was dabbling around with the saxophone, piano and a guitar that you could barely hold the strings down. Somehow the guitar and piano stuck, the saxophone didn't, and a life-long musical quest began. After studying music with local guitar teachers and lots of intense practice time, by late teens he was playing in clubs with musicians 8-10 years older in a band named "The Classics". Thanks to Mickey Sims, Tom Hogg, Ellis Tharp, Gene Hill, he learned how to play in a band. During this time period, music became more progressive, which led to a lot of impromptu jam sessions at gigs with other local musicians. A jam session with Charley Rich before he became a country star was one memorable occasion. A couple of years later he was recruited as a sideman with "Bobby Crafford and The Pacers", who at one point, had a record contract with Dot Records and later created his on label, Razorback Records. During his tenure with the Pacers, the band recorded a single "You'll Never Know", which had regional success and is still on some European radio stations' play lists. An album "Rock From Memphis" was later recorded at the legendary Sonic Studios in Memphis with Roland Janes and released in Europe on the Lake Country label. The drummer at that time was a 16 year old Ted Siebs, who later went to the Berklee School of Music and played with Jazz Vibist Gary Burton and guitarist John Scofield. After the Pacers, He spent a year playing in the house band at One Eyed Jacks (down on Main St) and had time to really hone his chops. Then there were some frustrating years spent free-lancing as a sideman and trying find the right players to form another band. In 1979, he met bass player David Kloss and drummer Scott Kloss and formed the group "Ambusch" that endured 12 years with a great local following and some regional success. Some of the highlights were performing some of his own songs, being the headliner of festivals and concerts. Other excellent musicians worthy of mention with this band -- Vocalist Randy Pennington, Davis Hendricks, Sherry Baker, Tina Brown, keyboardist Larry Minney and Glen (Doc) Adkins, guitarist/keyboard player James Hill. During the 90's, he spent 4 years as a member of the Agape Praise Band (Agape Church, Little Rock, Arkansas) with worship leader Carroll Posey. Herb also started writing songs in this time period, and spent time honing keyboard chops along with guitar and deeper study of music theory. After moving to South Florida in 1997, he played with co-worker Stu Abramson in a couple of groups (Citrus Groove and Stuey Blue) for a brief stint before deciding to write and record his own songs.  The first CD of his music was released in October 2007 -- "Start The Fire". The second project "Sound Of Revival" was released in August 2011.